"On top of her technical ability as a musician and vocalist, Carly Bryant has that extra something special I've always equated with magic."


"Embalados pela nova vocal, Carly Bryant levou a plateia ao êxtase. Mostrando que chegou para ficar."

- #3omf

"This is a skilled and bold retro mix with magic qualities. Carly finds her way from powerful Rock to New Wave onto the turf of Punk."

- Blue Note, Dresden

British singer songwriter, Carly Bryant, has released five original albums and  toured Europe, South America, Australasia and the USA, performing in all manner of venues, festivals and events including Montreux Jazz Festival, The Louvre, Paris, Webster Hall, New York, and MTV Brazil. She performed extensively with Brazil’s most influential rock band Os Mutantes as a lead vocalist, keys player and guitarist. As a side project to this Carly released an album recorded in Las Vegas with Sergio Dias called "Colour". Carly has performed and toured with French pop Nouvelle Vague singers Nadéah and Melanie Pain, and is in the current line up for British chart-toppers Freakpower. As a solo artist She has opened shows for Joan As Police Woman, and Grammy award-winning artists Tinariwen and Ani Difranco. Carly recently moved back to the UK having lived in Paris for 4 years where she formed the art-rock band Melody 101 with guitarist Diogenes Bapster. The duo released their album 'Baked in a Pie' on vinyl & CD at the iconic 'Bus Palladium', Paris.